SEO optimization

               Single-page SEO station group technology, with 10 websites to optimize the ranking!

                        2018-12-20 10:14:19

                        Many SEO partners understand that search engine ranking optimization is optimized by internal and external websites. When users search for corresponding keywords, the website can be ranked in front of the search engine. Specifically, Baidu search "network marketing course" to view the operation of Shangmeng. Case!

                        But a single page SEO many partners may be a bit strange, single-page SEO is a SEO optimization program that combines a single-page website with content content, mainly to improve the website traffic utilization so that users can see the target page when they open the website, and the conversion is more More orders, create more revenue. The operation concept of the single-page SEO is also proposed by, and together it is recommended to operate the model.

                        So what is a single-page SEO station group, because the success rate of operating SEO is not 100%, which means that you do not definitely have a ranking. Because at any time the search engine, especially Baidu's index database, only 60% of the number of pages. That is to say, a large number of web pages are not included, and its own capabilities are limited to all the tens of billions of web pages in Chinese. So, for most sites, there are deleted pages, no rankings, or experiences with K, or no rankings. Deal with it: calmly face it all. How much is the cost of a website? If you lose confidence in SEO, it is the biggest loss.

                        However, we also thought of a better solution. We started the operation in the earliest stage and achieved a very good result of “station group”. We can assume that the chance of a website ranking is 1, if we use 10 Websites can be upgraded by 10 times for optimal rankings. We don’t require 10 websites to get rankings. We only need 1 to 3 websites to get rankings. This operation is successful because we put 10 websites for our group. The cost is about 1000 yuan; this investment is also very cost-effective, this idea is actually a bit like bidding, unlike traditional SEO, because the traditional SEO we invest in a website cost one or two hundred, we want to get the ranking, and then give us a few hundred Thousands of times return. The result is equivalent to pinning our hopes on a tree. As a result, the tree has not blossomed and we are starving.

                        Wanting to build dozens of websites for a project also requires a lot of technology, especially in terms of mass construction and post-maintenance. This single-page SEO station group operation method upgraded by Shangmeng Online School does not have a long story to show you how to do it. You only need to copy the methods we provide. Of course, there are also a lot of core technologies in it. For example, domain registration and space purchase techniques are very simple, but they will directly affect our later operation results. The skills we provide will also lower your costs. If you invest in 10 websites. The cost of domain names and space is less than $1,000. Equivalent to 1000 you can start a station group project. The core is still the collection of the article. Our principle is to use the locomotive to collect original articles and then realize the automatic release of the hang-up. It only needs to set the software to automatically update the website articles when the software is running every day, and automatically automatically advertise the text automatically. . Many of these students may ask if it will be too complicated. You can tell us the complicated work. We have already helped you to get it. When you use it, it is already a packaged solution.

                        The overall construction of the website can be done in the early stage, but the real test is based on the later optimization. For the post-optimization of the website, especially the addition of the external link and the weight, we still have no long-term discussion to give you a practical and efficient demonstration. The way to get your station group to quickly get included, increase the weight, get the ranking, you need to do to copy the methods and models of our business dream school; these experiences are compiled by our long-term operation, not the result of a few days of cultivation .

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